OCPP 1.2


  • New store for persistent data (OCPP Configuration and TXN)
  • Support for TriggerMessage requests (BootNotification,Heartbeat,MeterValues,StatusNotification)
  • Fixes a crash when central system sends malformed JSON
  • Support configuration and behaviour for TransactionMessageAttempts and TransactionMessageRetryInterval Core profile keys
  • Ensure that transaction consumption cannot decrease or be reset by delayed consumption reports


  • Fixes an issue where CallError messages do not conform to OCPP standard


  • Authorize charger after OCPP Authorize response improve user experience
  • Fixes an issue with charger message scheduling


  • Prevent queued integrity checks when system is overloaded
  • Added basic support for reboot messages from chargers
  • Fix OCPP restart on unsupported message


  • Fix for networking issues on startup
  • Ignore repeated OpCode causing bad status transition


  • Fix for reported usage 0 for high latency / bad connections
  • Fix rapidly looping stop transaction poll messages
  • Fix for car disconnected while offline not stopping transaction


  • Always attempt to recover transactions on charger boot
  • Fixes OCPP reboot when central system socket is closed during message receive
  • Send transaction usage, not session usage in MeterValue


  • Less aggressive polling for transaction energy usage when starting/stopping transactions
  • HTTP Basic Auth supported


  • Allow RemoteStopTransaction in any charger state
  • Allowed more state transitions to fix some state loops
  • Charger auth times out if charger does not start charging
  • Correct reason provided on transaction stop
  • Easee Session and OCPP Transaction split in consumption reporting
  • Firmware provided on boot. Format is “[Device FW]/[OCPP version]”
  • Forward Power.Import.Active to central systems
  • Freecharge extension
  • Improved behavior for state BOOTING to recover faster in bad network conditions
  • Persist OCPP settings accross reboots
  • Persist transactions accross reboots
  • Reworked networking for timeout and retry support
  • Rewritten parser to handle all valid JSON formats
  • Session energy update required before transaction stop
  • Support for central systems not supporting ISO 8601 fractional seconds