OCPP 1.3


  • Fixes an issue if multiple car connected observations are received before charger authorization
  • Adds configurable ReconnectTimeout to WebSocket layer for systems that use very large Heartbeat intervals
  • Updates Masterloop dependencies to version 5.7.1


  • Base Docker image changed to OS locked .NET Core 3.1 runtime
  • Runtime changed to .NET Core 3.1
  • Changed internal dependency chain to avoid unneccecary dependencies in release
  • Configurable default OCPP configuration for new chargers
  • Configurable DNS refresh timeout
  • Configurable local DNS round robin behaviour
  • Configuration extension to lock charger to 1 or 3 phase charging
  • Duplicate observations are discarded if received from charger
  • Dynamic pauses to prevent thread suspension when messages are queued
  • “ExternalAuthorizationRequired” configuration extension to enable/disable Easee charger external auth requirement
  • Fixes transactions getting stuck if a tag is invalidated between Authorize and StartTransaction calls
  • Freecharging mode allowed to re-start if returning from offline mode
  • Improved log message searchability
  • Reports runtime metrics to AWS
  • RSSI measurand extension
  • Skip authentication on Freecharging RFID tags
  • Updated dependencies to fix AMQP fetch error state when device is removed


  • Pre-GC cleanup of reported transactions
  • Handle additional error conditions when sending messages
  • Ensure proper sequencing of WebSocket connect tasks on rapid failure
  • Automatic ack for Masterloop enabled to avoid ack sequencing issues
  • Stop handling top level exceptions to ensure container restart on failure
  • Remove spam in logs when connection the Masterloop is broken


  • Reworked central system reconnect logic to be more resilient in rapid failure conditions


  • Significantly increased MeterValue and Pulse jitter to avoid CPU spikes
  • Fixes issues when WebSocket is terminated during send
  • Disable requeueing of sent messages to prevent re-queue loops


  • Fixes service reset when RemoteStop is received before transaction is confirmed started by central system
  • Fixes service reset if connection to central system is re-established before resources time out
  • Change internal datatype to prevent meterstart and meterstop values from overflowing
  • Jitter time between pulses and meter values to prevent spikes in CPU usage



OCPP 1.3.0 requires firmware ≥195 to work.

  • MeterValues are sent periodically and are configured through the MeterValueSampleInterval, MeterValuesSampledData and StopTxnSampledData configuration keys
  • Heartbeats are now only sent if no other communication has happened in heartbeat interval. Interval is also configurable through boot notification and HeartbeatInterval configuration key * Transaction consumption calculation changed and will now send accumulated consumption as reported by the charger on TXN start and stop
  • Charger stays in state “Finishing” until another transaction is initiated, or car is disconnected
  • Charger state changed to “Suspended EVSE” after Authorization sent to fix queueing and delayed power allocation from load balancing
  • OCPP maintains pulse to Easee Cloud for monitoring
  • Reworked OCPP layer boot to be more responsive and less demanding on infrastructure
  • Support for the ClearCache command
  • Support for the “Local Auth List Management” feature profile
  • Support for LocalAuthorizeOffline, LocalPreAuthorize and AllowOfflineTxForUnknownId configuration keys for offline behaviour
  • Support UnlockConnectorOnEVSideDisconnect configuration key to facilitate permanent locking of cable to charger
  • Support for “ConnectionTimeOut” and authorization before EV is connected
  • Adds option to filter out keys with null values from JSON messages
  • Adds support for additional measurands Current.Import, Temperature, and Voltage with phase information
  • Fixes charger model name always reported as “Easee Home” on Boot
  • Fixes ghost heartbeats