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Dynamic Circuit Current

Intention of Post: This is to validate my understanding of the above topic when it comes to Master/Slave installations. Setting up Dynamic Circuit Current the following API is used: [[https://developer.easee.cloud/reference/get_api-sites-siteid-circuits-circuitid-dynamiccurrent]] I have come to recognize, that, while I setup the Dynamic Circuit Current (DCC) to a value X (i.e. 3x 20A) and a TTL of '0', the Master perfectly shows that setting when using the App to view the 'Restrictions'.... HOWEVER the Slave Boxes show 1000 A (!). Now this could be to not have to manipulate each Slave Box when the DCC changes... as one will stay below the 1000A limit as the charging current for the Slave Box is allocated by the Master. So... using both on the Easee App as well as using the 'Dashboard Circuit States' API [https://api.easee.cloud/api/sites/{siteId}/state]... both show me the 1000A for the DCC of the particular Slave Box. Is this as designed ? Tx, homa

Recently receiving an error "errors":{"":["A non-empty request body is required" by calling the API

Hello, I have developed a dynamic charging behaviour for my Easee wallbox via a Rule in Openhab. This was working fine now since a year or so. Without any change in my Rule I receive now the error: {"errors":{"":["A non-empty request body is required."]},"type":"https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.5.1","title":"One or more validation errors occurred.","status":400,"traceId":"00-7d4a626c10a5bc44a2c30078f0a67d67-1c95b612248de32d-00"} My call is via Rules in openhab which is Java based. It looks like: var String url = "" var String easeeRequestBody = "" var String json = "" url = "https://api.easee.cloud/api/accounts/token" easeeRequestBody = '{ "userName": "user", "password": "pw" }' logInfo("Info",easeeRequestBody) json = sendHttpPostRequest(url, "application/json", easeeRequestBody, 5000) Any hint whats causing this?

Seeing users ongoing sessions as admin

I'm admin of a site for my home owners association. We only use RFID for authenticating and starting a charging session. I want to run a script to be able to see which user is currently charging (all users use all chargers). What request(s) should I use? I noted that I'm forbidden from seeing other users charging sessions which seems weird to me.

Limit on endpoint calls - scope

Hi, I have a question regarding the limit on the state endpoint of 600 calls/5 min - is that per charge point, per site, per site owner account or per individual account? thanks in advance! Jon

dynamicChargerCurrent not working with 2 digit values?

Hey there, i've got a problem with the easee api. Got a normal HTTP Post request with working headers. Content is { "dynamicChargerCurrent": value } and thats working fine for 1 digit numbers (6-9). But when I try the request with 2 digits e.g. 10-16 its just not working! I don't get why it's working through the testing feature in the cloud API website, every other service i've used gets this error: {"errors":{"chargerSetting":["A value for the 'chargerSetting' parameter or property was not provided."],"dynamicChargerCurrent":["Unexpected end when deserializing object. Path 'dynamicChargerCurrent', line 1, position 27."]},"type":"https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-6.5.1","title":"One or more validation errors occurred.","status":400,"traceId":"00-8d2161f5affaa84e9dbcdf7839405461-11530d577ae7a542-00"} with the content being something like: {"dynamicChargerCurrent": 10} Anyone ran into the same issue?

SOC for the EV?

Hello! I see the answer, that it is not possible to communicate with the car, but anyway the charger somehow knows only to charge with approx 11KW (16amp) and not trying to put full 20amp which I have available? - So somehow the charger is communicating with the car? - Anyone who succeed to get in touch with Ford and their Development API's?

Signal R Documentation

Hello, Do you have any documentation on how to add listeners to events sent over Signal R? For example I'm able to send off a scan wi-fi request and I get back a commandId, where / how can I find the result of this command? Thanks, Matt

[feature request] Unit price on report

Hello, I am setting the charging price for my Easee charger via the API. Then at the end of each month I export a report. The reports are nice, but I am missing one or 2 columns. At the moment I am getting the report via this endpoint to receive a PDF (Charger Detailed Report): https://api.easee.cloud/api/sessions/export/{{site_id}}/11/{{start_date}}/{{end_date}}?tz={{timezone}} As I already said, the report is nice, but in my opinion it misses columns 'unit price excl VAT' and 'unit price incl VAT'. Since I am changing it bi-monthly and sending it out to an accountant, they ask me what the unit price is. You could calculate it, but since the numbers are rounded in the report you can't get the proper unit price. I said '... missing one or 2 columns' as one will be able to calculate excl or incl VAT based on the percentage that is available in the report. Let me know what you think of this. Kind regards, Vincent Verweij


I would like to read charge sessions for a specific charger, and for each session get info about the user/RFID who started the session. Is that possible?

Get network type (grid type) the charger is installed on

Is it possible to get the network type (some call it grid type) the charger is installed on? Number of phases, voltage, TN, IT... etc?