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Default phase behaviour

Hi, I have a challenge: My car can charge on one phase, I have three phases in my house. The charger, which is fed all three phases, is fused with 20A. My house’s electrical load is distributed such that I can pull 20A from one particular phase at any time (phase 2), as no major appliances are connected to this phase, other than the charger.

I would like a setup where I don’t have to adjust current ratings for individual phases continuously, but just have a setup that works under any conditions.

Thus, I tried setting the maxCircuitCurrentP1, P2 and P3 to 8, 20 and 8 respectively – my assumptions was then, that when I plug in my car, it would default to the phase with the highest current rating (P2=20A), and if a guest comes over that can use multiple phases, they would be capped at 8A.

However, with the 8, 20, 8A maxCircuitCurrent, when I plug in my single phase car, the charger just defaults to P1=8A. This can of course be remedied by either:

a) Setting the dynamicCircuitCurrent to 0, 20, 0 (what I’m currently doing), this however means that I have to worry about and reconfigure the charger in the event of a power cycle of the charger, so it doesn’t start defaulting to P1=8A again. Or

b) I could permanently set the maxCircuitCurrent for P1 and P3 to 0, forcing the charger to use P2, however in the event of a guest wanting to charge with multiple phases I would have the hassle of reconfiguring the charger to open up the other phases.

My question is therefore; can the default behavior be changed to utilize the highest current rated phase when single phase charging, while still enabling multi phase charging, or can I achieve this in a smarter way than proposed in a) and b)