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See user consumption

We have a site with ~50 Easee Charge. It seems like only the admins can see the consumption of their own charger while the others cannot. In the admin page, when going to the "access" row of any charger, it just says that authorization is only available if the operator is using Easee Cloud for authorization. When trying the "Access Level - Chargers" request I get error code 155 saying that "Paired partner not found for charger ...". Are users not supposed to be able to see their own consumption without having an operator? Although the admins can see everyone's consumption, it would be more convenient if everyone could see their own consumption without having to ask the admin. Have I missed some configuration or API request, or do I really need an operator to setup something simple like this?

API Details on Satus should include paused

Hello, In the app we get more statuses than in the API. For instance "paused" is not in the API. Could that be included in chargerOpMode as a separate status? When the charger is paused it just states awaiting_start. My goal is to be able to separate whether the charger is waiting on a planned charge / schedule, paused or ready to charge. Is that a quick and simple fix? Just add another chargerOpMode status?

Set Basic Charging is not enabled

Hi, I'm trying to set Basic Charging based on the spot prices of my market (DK2). I can call `POST https://api.easee.cloud/api/chargers/%s/basic_charge_plan` and set the start time. This put the schedule in, but when I look at the app then the schedule is there, but it is not enabled (the nob in the left corner says "Off" and not "On"). I've set "isEnabled" to true in the payload like this: `{"chargingCurrentLimit":32,"id":"%s","chargeStartTime":"%s","repeat":false,"isEnabled":true}` I have authorization enabled and when I call `POST https://api.easee.cloud/api/chargers/%s/commands/start_charging` then that state on the app changes to "Paused" where if I manually enable the plan in the app and then call `start_charging`then it correctly changes to "Waiting for schedule". What am I missing? Thanks! Casper

Feature request: OCPP MeterValuesAlignedData

Hi We have a feature request to implement MeterValuesAlignedData and ClockAlignedDataInterval in OCPP. At least in the Swedish market we have hourly based energy prices. To be able to calculate accurate pricing we'd like to have MeterValuesAlignedData when using OCPP so that meter values are aligned with changes in energy price. We know about the Power Usage API ( https://developer.easee.cloud/reference/get_api-chargers-id-usage-hourly-from-to ) but an implementation of MeterValuesAlignedData would streamline our implementation with other vendors.

Set price per hour

Would it be possible to get an hourly energy price by letting a cron job update the price using: `https://api.easee.cloud/api/sites/{siteId}/price` every hour? It seems from this discussion that the price per kWh is fixed per charging session: https://developer.easee.cloud/discuss/62bebb646a4ea800582c669f If true, that seems like a big limitation to me as a charging session may span several hours and the price per kWh may change drastically during those hours.

Are charging sessions recorded continuously / in smaller intervals?

Hi there I'm evaluating whether easee is a fit for us. In Switzerland, we have different electricity rates depending on whether it's day or night. To be able to correctly calculate the costs for a user, it is necessary to break down a charging session into smaller time intervals of let's say 15 minutes (or 1 hour at max). Is it possible to query the api like that? To be able to do so, I suppose that charging sessions would be needed to be recorded somewhat continuously ... is this the case? My question put differently: Let's assume I'm charging from 6.00 pm until 11.00 pm. Now, the rate of our electricity is changing at 8.00 pm. => Is it possible to query the api in a way to find out exactly how much energy the charger / user has consumed (during a single charging session!) between 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm? And vice versa between 8.00 pm and 11.00 pm? Or is the charging session only recorded in a very basic and limited way consisting of only "starttime", "endtime" and "total energy consumed during session"? Best Regards Nic

Time zone for hourly sessions

Hi, I'm using the endpoint https://api.easee.cloud/api/sessions/charger/{chargerId}/hourly to read hourly sessions. What time zone is used? Regards Magnus

Set Basic Charge Plan - chargeStopTime

According to the docs it accepts a "chargeStopTime". Is the expected behavior that this has no effect?

Charger observations API

The charger observations API using observations ID 194 to list the T2 T3 input voltage does not return values? I'm using valid values for the parameters but I can't get any values returned?

Create Site via API

As a CPO, how are we supposed to create a site on the system since there is no documented endpoint in the API?!