Observation Ids

Here you will find a complete list of observation ids that are available from our Observations endpoint

ID Observation Info Value Type Response
1 SELF TEST RESULT PASSED or error codes  String
2 SELF TEST DETAILS JSON with details from self-tes  String
11 CHARGER OFFLINE REASON Enum describing why charger is offline  Integer
14 EASEE LINK DATA RECEIVED Data received on EaseeLink from another device String
15 LOCAL PRE AUTHORIZE ENABLED Preauthorize with whitelist enabled. Readback on setting Boolean Event
16 LOCAL AUTHORIZE OFFLINE ENABLED Allow offline charging for whitelisted RFID token. Readback on setting Boolean Event
17 ALLOW OFFLINE TX FOR UNKNOWN ID Allow offline charging for all RFID tokens. Readback on setting Boolean Event
18 ERRATIC EVMAX TOGGLES 0 == erratic checking disabled, otherwise the number of toggles between states Charging and Charging Complate that will trigger an error  Integer
21 DETECTED POWER GRID TYPE Detected power grid type according to PowerGridType table  Integer Boot
30 LOCK CABLE PERMANENTLY Lock type2 cable permanently  Boolean
31 IS ENABLED Set true to enable charger, false disables charger  Boolean
41 LOCAL AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED Local RFID authorization is required for charging  Boolean Event User Options
42 AUTHORIZATION REQUIRED Authorization is required for charging Boolean
43 REMOTE START REQUIRED Remote start required flag Boolean Event
44 SMART BUTTON ENABLED Smart button is enabled Boolean
45 OFFLINE CHARGING MODE Charger behaviour when offline Integer
46 LEDMODE Charger LED mode Integer Event
47 MAX CHARGER CURRENT Max current this charger is allowed to offer to car (A). Non volatile.  Double
48 DYNAMIC CHARGER CURRENT Max current this charger is allowed to offer to car (A). Volatile Double
50 MAX CURRENT OFFLINE FALLBACK P1 Maximum circuit current P1 when offline Integer Event
51 MAX CURRENT OFFLINE FALLBACK P2 Maximum circuit current P2 when offline Integer Event
52 MAX CURRENT OFFLINE FALLBACK P3 Maximum circuit current P3 when offline  Integer Event
62 CHARGING SCHEDULE Charging schedule  String Json
65 PAIRED EQUALIZER Paired equalizer details String
69 PAIRED USER IDTOKEN Observed user token when charger put in RFID pairing mode String Event
76 NUMBER OF CARS CONNECTED Number of cars connected to this circuit Integer
77 NUMBER OF CARS CHARGING Number of cars currently charging Integer
78 NUMBER OF CARS IN QUEUE Number of cars currently in queue, waiting to be allocated power Integer
79 NUMBER OF CARS FULLY CHARGED Number of cars that appear to be fully charged  Integer
89 REBOOT REASON Reason of reboot. Bitmask of flags. Integer
96 REASON FOR NO CURRENT Enum describing why a charger with a car connected is not offering current to the car Integer
97 LOAD BALANCING NUMBER OF CONNECTED CHARGERS Number of connected chargers in the load balancing. Including the master. Sent from Master only.  Integer
98 UDPNUM OF CONNECTED NODES Number of chargers connected to master through UDP and WIFI  Integer
100 PILOT MODE Pilot Mode Letter (A-F)  String Event
102 SMART CHARGING Smart charging state enabled by capacitive touch button  Boolean Event
103 CABLE LOCKED Cable lock state [event] [Boolean]  Boolean Event
104 CABLE RATING Cable rating read (Amperes) Double Event
108 USER IDTOKEN REVERSED User ID token string from RFID reading (NB! Must reverse these strings)  String Event
109 CHARGER OP MODE Charger operation mode according to charger mode table  Integer Event
110 OUTPUT PHASE Active output phase(s) to EV according to output phase type table.  Integer Event
116 DERATING ACTIVE Available current is limited by the charger due to high temperature Boolean Event
119 ERROR CODE Error code according to error code table [event] [Integer]  Integer Event
120 TOTAL POWER Total power (kW) Double Telemetry
121 SESSION ENERGY Session accumulated energy (kWh)  Double Telemetry
122 ENERGY PER HOUR Accumulated energy per hour (kWh) Double Event
124 LIFETIME ENERGY Accumulated energy in the lifetime of the charger (kWh) Double
127 DYNAMIC CURRENT OFFLINE FALLBACK DEPRICATED Maximum circuit current when offline Integer Event
128 USER IDTOKEN User ID token string from RFID reading String Event
129 CHARGING SESSION Charging sessions String Event Json
130 CELL RSSI Cellular signal strength (dBm) Integer Telemetry
131 CELL RAT Cellular radio access technology according to RAT table Integer Event
132 WI FI RSSI WiFi signal strength (dBm) Integer Telemetry
136 LOCAL RSSI Local radio signal strength (dBm) Integer Telemetry
138 LOCAL TX POWER Local radio transmission power (dBm)  Integer Telemetry
139 LOCAL STATE Local radio state String Event

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