Smart Charging

Easee OCPP supports the smart charging feature profile within OCPP 1.6J but not in its entirety. Please see below for further information about this.

For a more conceptual understanding of smart charging please read the API section API Smart Charging.

Supported parts of OCPP Smart Charging

Easee supports the following parts of OCPP smart charging:

  • ChargePointMaxProfile
  • TxDefaultProfile

Non-supported parts of OCPP Smart Charging


Unsupported Messages

If you send an unsupported message in OCPP we will reject it and it will not be passed down to the charger.

Easee does not support the following part of OCPP smart charging:

  • TxProfile

With additional parameters for specific cases listed below:

  • connectorId
    • cannot be > 2
  • chargingProfileKind
    • relative not supported
  • chargingProfilePurpose
    • TxProfile not supported
  • chargingProfilePeriod
    • Up to 16 periods supported

The sequence diagram below is for illustrative purposes only:


A sequence diagram illustrating a few specific cases that are supported in Easee OCPP smart charging.

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