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Please Note: If you are not planning to operate any Easee chargers in the near future (1-3 months) we advise you to wait until you are ready, or consider testing some of your use cases by using our open API.

If you have read the above note and are ready integrate please visit to create your generic account before submitting the application form below.


A generic account is an account that isn’t tied to you personally, for example [email protected], this account will be converted to a partner/operator and will not be able to login to the cloud portal. For general admin and management of sites and the partner account please sign up for a second account using your personal account and we will link it to your operator account.

Application Form

Please fill in the application form below

Operator Application

What Happens Next

After you have submitted your application form it will be reviewed by the integrations team to ensure we have all of the required information to get your operator account set up. Although we would love to approve every application, in some cases we may choose to decline if it doesn’t meet a suitable use case.

Please Note: Partner reviews take place once a week with a release usually happening the following week, please do not chase for a status update if it’s not been at least 2 weeks since the submission date.


Once we have set up and released your environment we will send you a welcome email with some details on how to get started. At this point you will become visible in the operator list for your customers to pair their Easee chargers with.

All integrations come at a cost to both Easee and the environment, so to ensure we are not wasting compute power we review all environments on a monthly basis. Any environments that haven’t had any charge devices connected, or have not been used will get 4 notification emails as follows.


Month 1: We’ve noticed that you have no charge devices linked to your operator, do you need any help getting started?

Months 2: We’ve noticed you’ve not yet added any charge devices to your operator..... please note that at the 3months point we will deactivate and remove this account.

Month 3: Your partner account has been deactivated due to a lack of use, please complete the application form again when you are ready to get started.

Month 6: If your account has not had any growth within 6months your account will be reviewed and we may get in touch to see if you require any help.

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